Frozen Doughs

Original Cheese Rolls Breadsticks Tomato-Basil Breadsticks Pizza Crust Ciabatta Rolls

From the Freezer Straight to Your Oven

No need to plan ahead. Our delicious no-rise frozen doughs are ready to bake whereever you are. Imagine that, all that's separating you from the hot, aromatic goodness of fresh bread is a little bake time. Enjoy!

Original Cheese Rolls

Our frozen version of our best-selling dry mix, these cheesy rolls have a crispy outside and moist, chewy inside. 100% gluten free. 100% delicious.


If you love breadsticks, you’ll want to stock up. From the freezer to your oven, these will be the gluten free breadsticks everyone in the family will be asking for. How easy is that?

Tomato-Basil Breadsticks

Take our popular breadsticks and add the pizzazz of tomato and basil and you’ve got a new twist on an old favorite. You’ll forget they’re gluten free!

Pizza Crust

We dare you to find a better pizza crust. And that includes crusts WITH gluten. This is so tasty, you’ll want to skimp on the toppings just to get the full flavor of a wonderfully delicious crust.

Ciabatta Rolls

Crispy, chewy and delicious! Add a touch of flavor and texture to your favorite sandwiches and everyday meals. Also great alongside a salad!


Don’t forget, all Chebe products are free of all grains, soy, potato, yeast and MSG!

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