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Chebe Dry Mix Ingredients


Chēbē Background/Mission

We started Chebe in 1999, we never intended to market a gluten-free product. It just happened that our naturally gluten-free bread was a hit with those suffering from gluten intolerance. Shortly thereafter, Ju coincidentally began to experience health problems that triggered a severe intolerance to gluten. From that day forward, we’ve been committed to making shopping easier for those with gluten and allergen issues. Because simple, natural products taste better and are better for you, we strive to keep Chebe products natural with as few ingredients as possible.

So that’s our story. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them. Tasty, fun to eat, and free of many common allergens…that’s Chebe!

Chēbē Bread Mix is FREE of: corn*, dairy*, egg**, gluten, iodine, peanuts, potato*, rice*, tree nuts*, soy*, sugar, yeast.

* made on shared equipment with this ingredient (under strict cleaning process/ allergen control program)
** egg or egg substitute added to the mix

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