Retailer Request Form

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I am a customer of your store and would like you to consider providing me and your other customers with gluten free Chebe products. Chebe may be contacted at, 1-800-217-9510.

The current Chebe line is:

Name (UPC)
Original Cheese Bread (6 97301 10017 3)
Pizza Crust (6 97301 10027 2)
Garlic-Onion Bread Sticks (6 97301 10037 1)
Cinnamon Roll (6 97301 10047 0)
All Purpose (6 97301 10057 9)
Focaccia (6 97301 10067 8)


Chebe is distributed in the USA by:

Associated Wholesalers, Inc.
Cavallaro Foods
DPI (Mid Atlantic, Rocky Mountain, and Northwest)
Garden Spot Distributors
Haddon House
Lapari Foods 
Laurel Grocery Company
Lomar Distributors  
River Valley Foods
White Rose Food 

Chebe is distributed in Canada by:


If you do not use the above distributors and you are in the USA, Chebe is able to ship directly to your store.

I appreciate your consideration of my request. Please contact me when you decide to carry some or all of the Chebe line. I am providing you with one or more ways to contact me.

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