What Our Customers Say

“It has changed my gluten free life!! I LOVE this bread!!” - Wichita, KS

“It is wonderful to have bread that everyone likes for family meals.” - K.G. - Nicholasville, KY

"I ordered a local gf pizza last week from local joint. It was so bad I took all the toppings off and put them on some chebe bread crust with sauce and added some cheese. Delicious!" - Geno V.

“I have had celiac disease for 5 years now. Chebe is the closest (and easiest to use) product I have found that approximates wheat bread. I have non-allergic friends who choose this for a treat, even (add shredded cheese and roll into 2 inch diameter rounds, just like a gougere). The mouth feel, the working texture and the variations in use are unparalleled. Particularly loving rolling it thin, dressing it like pizza and tossing it on the grill (high) for 3-5 minutes and coming up with a European/wood oven style pizza for the first time since 2004.” - Dr. Carey - Denver

“I just got done making one of my son’s favorite foods...Chebe bread rolls. I was moved to tears. He is allergic to gluten, casein and soy but since we discovered Chebe things are much easier. My husband, son and I are forever grateful.” - C.J. - San Diego, CA

“If you have concerns regarding the product, there is an 800 number on the package. Chebe customer service is also outstanding…. They will work to ensure your happiness. Genuine company run by genuine people.” - Kid’s review

“I thought our days of having delicious grinders, Cuban midnight sandwiches, calzones and other treats were over when I found out that my children and I had celiac disease. Not so! You can make all kinds of goodies with this mix. We love it.” - C. Wollin

"We love Chebe bread so much that we named our new puppy after you!” – Lauren H.

"I had my first sandwich in over a year the other day with chebe bread and it was amazing! Wish I had known it was going to be that good!!" - M. Wallace

"I have specific allergies to wheat , rice, rye and barley- can't express how finding something like Chebe has expanded my world! :)” – Frances S.

"My teenage son was recently diagnosed with gluten and yeast intolerances. We love Chebe products and use at least two boxes per week. Thank you." - Debora

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say I tried Chebe for the first time! I made the pizza dough and my gluten-eating friend even liked it. It was SOOO good. Thanks so much!" - Mandy - Tulsa, OK

“I ordered a case of the All-purpose and used it to make a nice gluten free pie crust for my Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie, and also then used it to make stuffing. And then MORE to make dinner rolls...all came out very well. I am very pleased.” - Minnesota

"I wanted to tell you how much my family loves your products. We have thoroughly enjoyed each product from you and never been disappointed. We purchase your products weekly. " - Suzanne

“I find Chebe Bread an absolute godsend for those who are wheat (gluten) intolerant as it is entirely different and we so seldom get really good tasty chewy bread.” Naomi - Marietta, GA

"This IS the bread you've been looking for; If you're gluten sensitive then look no further!” - Timothy T.

“My 5 ½-year-old son, who has Celiac Disease, and his non-celiac 4-year-old brother love Chebe Bread! They often ask, ‘When are you making Chebe Bread, Mom?’” - Elk River, MN

“My cabinet never has less than at least half a case of those wonderful red packages - my gluten free diet couldn’t survive without Chebe Bread. This is the greatest product I’ve found since being diagnosed with celiac 6 years ago!” - K.C. - Cottonwook, AZ

"Just tried for the first time...OMG...how awesome! Thank you!! I haven't enjoyed gluten free bread this much in the last 5 years since I have been GF." - T. Perez - NJ

“Your pizza mix changed my life! I love this stuff! The flavor is incomparable! THANK YOU for making it possible for me to eat pizza again!” - J. - Chicago, IL

"Your GF pizza crust is the best! It's not too thin or hard like other GF crusts I've tried. Perfect seasonings in the mix! I just love it!" - Lauren

“The taste and texture of Chebe Bread are absolutely wonderful. The aroma of fresh Chebe Bread out of the oven is out of this world. It is almost impossible to eat only one.” - A. Thompson - St. Paul, MN

“The best Gluten-Free bread that I have tried; even better than regular wheat bread!” - A. Abbott - Plymouth, WI

“Thank you, again, for making this product available. If you could have seen my 4-year-old’s eyes light up the first time he ate a warm Chebe roll, you’d know you’ve done a good thing. He always asks for ‘Cheevie’ bread!” - R. Lamb - NJ

“I LOVE CHEBE!!!" - Memphis, TN

"My son and i have learned to make many different things with the mixes. i keep several boxes of pizza mix in my house! we love it!! " - Lynn D.

“I have not had any tortillas in 10 years that were good. These were delicious!” - B.W. - Nebraska City, NE

“Absolutely delicious - I am addicted to this product! My non-gluten sensitive friends love it too.” - New York, NY

“Made hamburger buns from your mix tonight - awesome! Will definitely make these again!” - Jenny P. - Jacksonville, FL

"I love Chebe!!!!!! I have celiac and have been eating your products for more than 5 years. All of my friends (non-gluten free) gobble up the chebe balls when I make them. I have to make multiple batches to have them last for more than an hour at a party! " - Lisa - Lockport, IL

"I just wanted to say that I love your gluten-free pizza crust mix! I went gluten-free a few months ago, and I really missed pizza until I found your crust mix. The rest of my family loves the pizza, and they don't care (and don't notice) that it's gluten-free. " - Jim

"I made my very first gluten-free pizza last night with your mix. It was divine!" - Denver, CO

"I made Chebe Pizza last night. Even my Italian husband thought it was one of the best pizzas he has ever had ♥." - Nicole C.

“I served this product to my family (I'm the only one that lives GF) in lieu of garlic bread and everyone loved it. The texture and flavor is excellent and, if they hadn't seen me eat it, they all commented that they would never have known that it was gluten free. I highly, highly recommend!” - Glastonbury, CT

"The directions on the box are easy and the result is amazing. The puffs are soft and chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. I am very impressed - these taste just like the breads we had in South America (Brazil and Argentina). I could not be happier! Thanks so much, Chebe!” - K. Colitti - Vienna, VA

"While all your products r amazing, your pizza mix makes THE BEST pizza in the universe. So delish. Never ordering out pizza again. It’s that good!!!” - Michele L.

“Makes fantastic hot dog and burger buns that don't have to be toasted! Perfect for taking along on a pic-nic because they don't fall apart like GF bread usually does. I love all Chebe mixes.” - L. Ferguson - Alberta, Canada

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